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Milestones in Our Life

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I remember, like it was yesterday, dropping my granddaughter off at FSU to begin her freshman year. The three days before, I drove alone, nearly two thousand miles on a business trip, armed with only my memories and Cousin Brucie of the Sirius satellite radio sixties channel.

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Madison Avenue and Baby Boomers

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We’ve all seen the Madison Avenue image of a baby boomer—those of us born between 1946 and 1964. We’re usually portrayed in the media as 70-year-old men, leaned back in an aging recliner, trying to make heads or tails of three remote controls or a grandmother-types looking up at a kindly, 30-something, cutesy nurse.

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Best Dog Ever

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I love to write, which is odd because until my first book written in my early forties, I never considered writing even a short story. I did not know whether I could write; I knew I could not spell, and whoever heard of a writer who could not spell? I just assumed writers are all brilliant brainiacs who read six newspapers each morning and never have a comma out of place. Let me assure you; I’m not one.

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You Gotta Believe

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I remember when my younger brother Roger began to question the authenticity of Santa Claus and his eight tiny flying reindeer. At first, I tried to carry the party line “Of course, there’s a Santa Claus; how else would we get all these presents?” Once it became clear that this logic was not working any longer, I became more pragmatic. “Listen, Roger, when you stop believing, the presents will stop”.